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ALL PICKUPS ARE SATURDAY'S AND SUNDAY'S AT 150 Howdershell Rd 63031 (Quicktrip Parking Lot) At one specific time on both days. Please fill out this form and I will be in touch via text. THIS FORM DOES NOT take payments!

ORDERS NOW HAVE TO BE PLACED & PAID FOR BY 8 PM FRIDAY(can book up sooner) ... If not ordered by this date and time, fill out the form, and "IF" I have enough leftover ingredients for items that you want, I will reach out and add you to my waitlist or fulfill your order. 

Typical leftover items:

  • Mixed candy grapes, pineapples, strawberries, or pickles (no want it all boxes & based on what flavors  I have leftover for the day) 

  • My Grandma's Banana pudding

  •  Banana pudding stuffed cheesecake waffle cones

  •  Strawberry Crunch stuffed cheesecake waffle cones. 

  • Chocolate covered strawberries 

  • Cheesecake stuffed apples

  • Apple slices


I no longer offer delivery.



What would you like to order? Please look over the menu & prices before answering.

PLEASE READ: If the form goes BLANK (all your info is gone from the form)  AFTER you hit "Order now" that means your form was successfully submitted. Please do not fill out another form. Thank you.
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